How to change your language from chinese to english ! (about 70% translation so far)

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How to change your language from chinese to english ! (about 70% translation so far)

Post by lowfas on Fri Dec 30, 2016 6:59 pm


there is a very simple way to do it using just simple tools and commands. Every one can do it, its working fine for now. We will see if this option will be block in near future, or maybe we will be able to set english by default. Just follows simple steps in video. And leave a thanks and comments. Thank you Pavel Zeldin, all credits to him.

1. install ADB and drivers from this pack:
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make sure that you're an ADMINISTRATOR of your machine, when downloaded, please install it via Run as Administrator.
2. connect the watch/cradle to your PC and let it install its drivers. make sure in the device manager that it installed.
3. open a cmd window by pressing Winkey + R and typing CMD.
4. in the CMD window, type ADB devices to validate that you installed everything and you can see the watch connected.
if you will not see connected devices, try to connect the cable to another port/replace the cable/re-install the drivers manually.
5. after all that, you should be able to connect to the watch.
6. type adb shell - you will see shell@watch:/
7. type setprop persist.sys.language en - nothing will happen on the screen, but the setting will be changed.
8. type reboot.
9. wait for the watch to reboot and ... profit.

this "hack" will probably will not survive an OTA/firmware version so you will have to do these steps after every version upgrade.


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